Richland Heights and High Hill Circle Mobile Home Community

1. Under no circumstances, without prior written consent of Landlord, may a mobile home remain on the premises that has been sold or otherwise transferred to a person not on the Lease Agreement.  No renters or subleases allowed- OWNER OCCUPIED MOBILE HOMES ONLY.

2. All children, guests, and invitees of any kind are the responsibility of the Tenant.  All children must be under the supervision of an adult at all times. Children may play in the park only; children shall not play in the streets, tool sheds, or other tenants yards.

3. All stereos, radios, or amplification devices of any type shall not be used outside the mobile home; for any such amplification device used within the mobile home, the same shall not exceed a normal speaking voice level at anytime.

4. Garbage, trash, and refuse must be stored in an adequate plastic garbage bag (no outside trash cans) and may only be set out day of pickup. Trash pickup is THURSDAY morning.

5. Tenant must keep Tenant’s lot, patio, storage shed, drive, and street adjacent to their lot free of trash and in a clean and neat condition. Flowers, shrubs, and trees are encouraged; however, Tenant shall not plant the same on the front side of the mobile home where a hitch or tongue is located. Tenant is responsible for mowing yard and clearing snow from drive and walk(s). When mowing yard or clearing drive and walk(s) of snow, do not blow grass clippings or shovel snow into the street. Tenant is responsible for leaf removal. If court manager must do any of the above maintenance, Tenant will be charged a minimum of Twenty Dollars ($25.00) per hour for such work.

6. No firearms, air guns, pellet gun, BB guns, sling shots, bows, or explosive devices of any type may be discharges on the property of Richland Heights and High Hill Circle Mobile Home Community.

7. Landlord will provide a lot with utility hook-ups. In using this lot, the rear of the mobile home shall not be closer than five feet (5’) to the side lot line of the lot. Permits, installation, and maintenance of lines running to utility hook-ups are Tenant’s responsibility and shall be obtained at Tenant’s expense. All underground lines become the property of the Landlord on move out.

8. Water lines must be metal (any plastic lines must have prior approval of Landlord) and winterized by October 1. Heat tape (only Frostex or comparable type shall be used) must be in place at time of move in. Heat tape failure is the responsibility of Tenant. If lines freeze, there shall be a minimum of two hundred fifty dollar ($250.00) charge to Tenant.  Any damage or stoppage to sewer line between mobile home and main shall be repaired at Tenant’s expense. Any water loss due to leakage or freeze up shall be the responsibility and expense of Tenant. If anything other than toilet tissue is found in a clogged line, then the tenant will be billed. Sewer lines must be leak free. Tenant is responsible for hydrant and meter parts and any damage to the same shall be repaired or replaced at Tenant’s expense.

9. 8’ X 10’ storage buildings may be rented as agreed, when available. Other storage building must be approved by Landlord, and in no event shall the size of such buildings exceed 8’ X 12’. Storage sheds must be kept neat and clean and maintained by Tenant. Only on shed allowed per home without special permission.

10. Off street parking is provided for two vehicles per site. Tenant shall pay $15.00 per month for third vehicle and no lot shall be permitted to have more than three (3) vehicles. If for any reason whatsoever, whether permitted or not, there are more than three (3) vehicles per lot, each additional vehicle shall pay a charge of twenty-five dollars ($25) per month. No vehicles that exceed twenty feet in length or have GVW that exceeds 18, 000 pounds are permitted on the property of Richland Heights Mobile Home Community.

11. The speed limit is ten (10) miles per hour on the property of Richland Heights Mobile Home Community.

12. No disabled or unlicensed vehicles or vehicles with expired licenses are permitted on the property of Richland Heights Mobile Home Community. No auto repairs are permitted.

13. No littering, loud parties, drunkenness, immoral conduct, excessive noise or other un-neighborly conduct by Tenant or Tenant’s children or guests.

14. Tenant is responsible for the maintenance and upkeep of Tenant’s mobile home and storage shed, and shall keep the same good repair.

15. Tenant must register Tenant’s pet with Landlord and pay the required fee; Tenant will be fined fifteen dollars ($15) per month for any unregistered pet(s). Tenant shall keep only one pet inside the Tenant’ s mobile home and Tenant agrees not to stake or fence any pet outside or permit such pet to run loose at anytime. When outside the mobile home, the pet shall be leashed and attended to at all times. No pet other than a dog, cat, bird, or fish shall be allowed. No exotic pets or reptiles allowed. Any pet must be under twenty pounds when full grown. Tenant shall promptly remove or dispose of pet or vacate the premises in the event the pet becomes a nuisance to other tenants or otherwise is deemed to be a problem by the Landlord. All pets shall have received all required vaccinations and veterinary attention so as not to be a health threat to any person living or working in the mobile home community. All pets shall be spayed or neutered. In the event any damage is done or attributable to the pet, Tenant shall be responsible for the cost to repair or replace such damage, whether to person or property. Tenant shall be fined twenty-five dollars ($25) by Landlord for any pet that is captured by or delivered to Animal Control. Tenant must clean up and dispose of all pet feces.

16. No fences, clothes lines, TV antennas, or satellite dishes are permitted without prior approval of Landlord.

17.  Any additions to the lot, mobile home, or premises must be approved by the Landlord prior to installation, including but not limited to, canopies, utility building, decks, underpinning, and steps. All mobile homes and such additions that are permitted by Landlord must be kept in good repair.

18. Carports are allowed on the Premises. Carports must match the movile home, be removable, and have prior written consent from the Landlord before installation.

19.  All mowers, bicycles, tools, and equipment must be stored out of sight (not outside) when not being used.

20. No trampolines allowed on the Premises.

21. No swimming pools allowed on the Premises. Small child pools, no larger than twelve inches (12″) in depth are allowed for temporary use. Small child pools must be drained daily and moved off grass for storage.

22. Tenant at Tenant’s expense shall install tie-downs immediately upon move in. All underpinning shall be installed by Tenant, at Tenant’s expense, within thirty (30) days of move in and it must be approved by Landlord. Any underpinning or tie-downs not installed within the above time frame shall subject Tenant to a twenty-five dollar ($25) fine per month. All steps and decks must be approved by management. No concrete block steps allowed. Concrete blocks must be out of sight.

23. Only (1) family per home – being an individual, married couple, or registered domestic partnership, and the children thereof. No persons shall occupy the Premises that are not registered with Landlord and on the Lease Agreement. Only one mobile home may be owned per family on the Premises.

24. Vandalism or tampering with utility meters will result in prosecution and eviction.

25. There shall be no daycare or babysitting service on the premises without prior approval of Landlord. No commercial activity shall be permitted on the premises.

23. All tongues and hitches must be removed upon move in and before home is underpinned.